About me

  • Over 3 million words translated
  • 10 years of experience with an industry leader in patent translation
  • Qualified member of the ITI
  • Associate member of the Royal Society of Biology
  • Master of Modern Languages in French and German 
  • Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry
  • Excellent communication skills and super responsive
  • Quick and efficient without compromising on accuracy
  • Confident and experienced in using CAT tools
  • Embracing machine translation and post-editing when required

I spent several years living in France, which helped me understand the intricacies of the language and culture of the country. I am passionate about science and it’s no chore for me to stay abreast of developments in my specialist fields: I love to learn! Colleagues would agree I am an excellent communicator and am highly responsive. When I’m working on your project, you won’t be kept in the dark! 


Why "Double Helix"?

The double helix is the structure of DNA, the source of most of the genetic information required for all life. This structure helps to store and convey a huge amount of important information as efficiently and precisely as possible. It could be considered to be one of the fundamental “meeting points” between chemistry and biology. The synergy between complementary bases on the two strands of the double helix is the key to total accuracy of transmission of information.  For all these reasons, I felt it was a great concept to represent my work: the meeting of the fields of chemistry and biology, and the efficient and precise communication of ideas.

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